Welcome to my puzzle world! My name is Matti Linkola and I'm a puzzle lover, collector and enthusiast from Finland. I've been making and collecting puzzles and other puzzle related material almost all my life. From these pages you can find some information about me, my puzzles and my puzzle book collection.

You can see good part of my collection in The Puzzling 2007 web gallery. This was an exhibition that took place in the in the Museum of Technology in Helsinki between 2007 and 2008. There were about 1300 puzzles on display, most of which were from my collection.

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matti . linkola (at) kajaani . net

Photos from Jyväskylä's exhibition in 2009.

These photos are from my puzzle exhibition in the Museum of Central Finland in 2009.
Photos by Pekka Helin

Some more photos

Photos by Pekka Agarth

For more photos check this gallery of my puzzle exhibition in Joensuu in 2013.
And for even more photos visit my Puzzling Exhibition gallery which is a bit older.

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